Off to a Great Start!

It is 73 degrees and beautiful in Huntington Beach!  The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and it is a great time to live and be a part of this community.

Spring is a time for GROWTH and we are definitely seeing that IN our church and IN our construction project! Construction of our new facility is right on schedule. All the demolition is done and now we are building it back!  All the walls are down, seats are out and this is where the fun starts. In the next 7 days we will see concrete poured to flatten out three of the theaters and soon after the framing in Children’s wing will begin!  About that time we will start shoring up the middle of the worship center and fixing up the roof and AC!  Within 8 weeks this will really start looking like the future church that we will be meeting in!

We are right on schedule to be done in the late Summer months!  Check out the pictures below and keep following us for more updates!  If you have not had the opportunity to Step In and give to this project it is NEVER TOO LATE!  Click here to give to Step In!

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